My 10 Goal-List for 2022

  1. Practicing Yoga Consistently : In 2021, to be honest, I was consistent in my practice. My practice lasted from minimum of 10 minutes and maximum up to 60 minutes. I wish to continue the same for 2022. Importantly, the goal is, not to miss my practice 2 days in a row.
  2. Healthy & Nutritious Food: Healthy mind and body starts in the kitchen. Having seasonal food helps a lot to build immunity and metabolism.
  3. Finance : Monthly budgeting give s the clarity of how the money should be managed well. Savings are the best way to be Financially confident. One way i found is investing in Mutual Funds. And an additional Health Insurance.
  4. Learning : Though this list is long, I have divided my reading list into weekly and monthly plans. So that its easier not to get cramped in the end of the year.
  5. Relation : Spending time with Family & Friends is one of the best mood boosters.

Self Care : Just cleaning around my space for 5 to 10 minutes helps a lot sometimes and even soaking feet in warm water works wonders.

  1. Morning Routine & Bedtime Routine : Monthly Routines of these two are blessings in disguise. Just try this for a month.
  2. Try something NEW : Portrait Painting is what I intend to learn for the year 2022.
  3. Mandala Art : It was a long held plan I had. Started in 2021 and doing it consistently in 2022 too.
  4. Time Management : Between taking up the personal yoga classes up to everything this is the KEY !
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Tales from a Girl

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Kavya’s Khronicles

Kavya’s Khronicles

Tales from a Girl

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